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minor bug in arc-handbook

parent 2d061505
......@@ -244,6 +244,8 @@ This is the restriction of @var{any_trans} to @var{valid_state_assignments}.
@subsection Operators
@table @command
@item assert(@cmdarg{S})
@cmdarg{S} denotes a set of assignments of variables that are not necessarily
......@@ -255,8 +257,6 @@ because computed configurations can be unreachables.
@b{Encoding:} @TS{}, @DD{}
@table @command
@item @cmdarg{X@ind{1}} and @cmdarg{X@ind{2}}
@itemx @cmdarg{X@ind{1}} & @cmdarg{X@ind{2}}
Computes the intersection of the two sets @cmdarg{X@ind{1}} and
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