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README: explain nginx atlas configuration

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......@@ -197,3 +197,38 @@ We cloned the github repository, moved to the latest release (v2.8.0)
git clone
git checkout refs/tags/v2.8.0
### Local configuration
Only nginx service is exposed with basic authentification required. WebAPI is access through Nginx with reverse proxy (default.conf):
location /WebAPI {
proxy_set_header Accept-Encoding "";
proxy_pass http://webapitomcat:8080;
Our config-local.js file looks like this:
define([], function () {
var configLocal = {};
configLocal.api = {
name: 'EDS CHU Bordeaux',
url: 'http://{HOSTNAME}:{NGINX_PORT}/WebAPI/'
return configLocal;
* {HOSTNAME} is the name of the server where the docker-compose services are deployed
* {NGINX_PORT} is the NGINX port set in the .env file
move this configuration file to the Atlas folder:
npm run build
tar -zcf atlas.tar.gz *
sudo mv atlas.tar.gz ../atlas/ # move it to the nginx volume
cd ../atlas/
sudo tar -xf atlas.tar.gz # deploy
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