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WebAPI issues added to README

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......@@ -73,6 +73,11 @@ git clone
git checkout refs/tags/v2.8.0
We added 2 little fixes to WebAPI:
* (remove a ";" in a delete statement)
* added a Oracle driver to dependency
Our modifications can be found here:
Then copy the WebAPIConfig to WebAPI folder:
cp ./WebAPIConfig ./WebAPI
......@@ -116,7 +121,7 @@ TRUNCATE TABLE webapi.source_daimon CASCADE
INSERT INTO webapi.source (source_id, source_name, source_key, source_connection, source_dialect, username, password)
SELECT nextval('webapi.source_sequence'), 'OMOP_COHORT', 'OMOP_COHORT', 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@{IP}:{PORT}:INFOPAT', 'oracle','OMOP_COHORT','{PASSWORD}';
SELECT nextval('webapi.source_sequence'), 'OMOP_COHORT', 'OMOP_COHORT', 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@{IP}:{PORT}:{DATABASE}', 'oracle','OMOP_COHORT','{PASSWORD}';
-- CDM (OMOP schema)
INSERT INTO webapi.source_daimon (source_daimon_id, source_id, daimon_type, table_qualifier, priority)
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